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A Note From A Student…

Hi Robyn,

I wanted to give you some feed back about the Friday Restorative Yoga class from last week. It was certainly very relaxing and what a wonderful way to end the week. Nicole was great – she definitely gave a great sense of support & nurturing and it was such a treat to have a blanket wrapped around you for warmth & comfort. A few of us were laughing as we arrived with our mats and our blankets (we felt like we were coming to a PJ party) – so there was a sense of fun too.

Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect so thought I’ll just be open to the experience. I found the concentration of staying in a pose for a longer period of time to be quite beneficial, as it helped to appreciate the value of that particular pose (for instance, I’m thinking of child’s pose) and how it stretches out your lower back and elongates the spine. Even though we do this pose quite regularly in a normal class it’s not for as long a period of time – with the restorative you had the time to really experience the value at a deeper level. Also, I found staying in the postures gave a more heightened sense of personal body awareness. I was more aware of where I was holding tension and how to let it go. And, I found my breathing really slowed down and went much deeper into my body. No wonder I felt so relaxed and I noticed I still felt relaxed when I came to class the next morning (normally by Saturday I’m twisted up from the week but last Saturday I was not). Overall it is amazing what we do to our bodies with all our reactions and emotions and it is even more amazing how yoga can un-do all of that and “restore” us back to our more natural state.

So – thank you for having this as part of your offering at the Studio – it is wonderful and I’m so very glad the universe guided me to Creating Space (it truly is what happens in so many ways).



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