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Our appreciation goes out to all of our students who take the time and the energy to share feedback about our work. We can only grow when we communicate our needs to each other and we are happy to share these lovely words.

We love to hear from you. Send us your thoughts.

What people are saying about Creating Space Yoga Studio

  • Thanks for all you’ve done putting your studio and classes together – it’s a beautiful, welcoming, warm space, and the classes and instructors likewise! I always look forward to coming, in mind and body!

  • Recently my husband asked why I drove to Oakville when there is so many studios closer to my home. The answer was so simple! I couldn’t imagine practicing anywhere else. Everything “Creating Space Studio” offers is exceptional – from the teachers, to the space where we practice. I always leave feeling calmer, stronger and a better version of me. I feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful place.

What people are saying about our teachers

  • I have known Robyn since we both studied under the tutelage of Helen Duquette to complete our Yoga Teacher Certification. During that time I was always impressed with Robyn’s openness, insight and creativity. So when she opened Creating Space Yoga Studio I came along as a student of Helen’s and taught for a brief time. I have remained Helen’s student and Robyn’s as well. Over the years I have come to deeply appreciate the respect for students, the quality of teachers and the opportunities that Robyn has provided for everyone involved. All this is a testament to her commitment to provide a safe, restful and challenging experience for all ages and level of student. Over the years I have participated in many classes, and workshops including the Mindfulness Lectures. I have come away each time with renewed energy, insight and a desire to make positive changes in my life. To me, Creating Space Yoga Studio actually does “create space” to breathe, to grow, to release, and to allow openness, insights and learning to happen. Congratulations Robyn on five years of providing the best for your students and your community. I am so looking forward to the next five!

  • After having explored several other approaches to the body, discovering Helen Duquette and her approach to Yoga was for me a revelation. Rather than focusing on the ideal posture and on achieving, I learned two fundamental principles: Be exactly where you are and undo years of bad habits. Helen is exquisitely intuitive. She is always exactly there where the student is, not caught up in some preconceived ideas of her own.

    Continuing Vanda Scaravelli’s tradition, she works with gravity, space and breath. She teaches how to surrender to gravity and use it to one’s advantage, opening the spine and the whole body into the new spaces that this letting go creates. Her instructions are precise, yet never just focused on the body, but including the mind as well. Sometimes, her instructions seem maddeningly paradoxical, until suddenly the light comes on and a whole subtle world emerges that was hidden from view. Helen is provocative, an original in the best sense of the term, and even though her approach may not be for everybody, in working with her you cannot avoid being deeply transformed.

What people are saying about our yoga workshops

  • Dear Robyn,
    Thank you very much for facilitating a great workshop…I wanted to share some feedback:

    1. I really enjoyed the fact that it was a true ‘workshop’…you provided some background, some education, a plan and we got to work. I loved that.
    2. You are very good at setting the stage and laying out expectations: you clearly described what the workshop was not, what we could expect, and, the ‘rules’. This is so important and I really appreciated how you accomplished this. Keep in mind, I’m technically a ‘newbie’ so I was not coming into this workshop with deep experience. You really did this well.
    3. I really liked how you acknowledged the group setting while also managing the individuality of each participant.
    4. You spoke alot about ‘ease’ and you need to know that you sincerely have an ‘ease’ about you — it is authentic, natural and beautiful.
    5. I left the workshop feeling really good, motivated, changed and thoughtful. Thank you for this.

    Thank you again for a superior experience

What people are saying about our Restorative Yoga

  • Just before class, I was on the verge of yet another migraine. However, the anticipation of doing the Restorative Yoga got me to the studio. The practice got me through and past the migraine. This morning, migraine free and re-energized! Thank you!!!

  • I wanted to give you some feed back about the Friday Restorative Yoga class from last week. It was certainly very relaxing and what a wonderful way to end the week. Nicole was great – she definitely gave a great sense of support & nurturing and it was such a treat to have a blanket wrapped around you for warmth & comfort. A few of us were laughing as we arrived with our mats and our blankets (we felt like we were coming to a PJ party) – so there was a sense of fun too.

    Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect so thought I’ll just be open to the experience. I found the concentration of staying in a pose for a longer period of time to be quite beneficial, as it helped to appreciate the value of that particular pose (for instance, I’m thinking of child’s pose) and how it stretches out your lower back and elongates the spine. Even though we do this pose quite regularly in a normal class it’s not for as long a period of time – with the restorative you had the time to really experience the value at a deeper level. Also, I found staying in the postures gave a more heightened sense of personal body awareness. I was more aware of where I was holding tension and how to let it go. And, I found my breathing really slowed down and went much deeper into my body. No wonder I felt so relaxed and I noticed I still felt relaxed when I came to class the next morning . Overall it is amazing what we do to our bodies with all our reactions and emotions and it is even more amazing how yoga can un-do all of that and “restore” us back to our more natural state.

    So – thank you for having this as part of your offering at the Studio – it is wonderful and I’m so very glad the universe guided me to Creating Space.

What people are saying about the Mindfulness Lectures

  • Saturday’s mindfulness lecture was excellent. The experience is so amazing because you created that wonderful receptive space for us. Thank you

  • People in Oakville do not realize what an incredible treasure they have right in their backyard. That treasure is you Dr. Treyvaud. I commend you for your wisdom, your dedication and your commitment to helping others like me use this incredible approach to everyday health and wellness.

  • Oh Robyn, what a wonderful wonderful talk. He (Dr. Treyvaud) has such a very gentle way about him. Thank you so very much for thinking to ask him to speak and thereby facilitating our community’s awareness (Lighthouse Program) – you are doing a fine job. I also would like to thank you so much for linking our organization with this talk and for helping to raise awareness and funds for us. It was perfect. Stephane was speaking of what we are doing for the families who come through our program. You have a great heart my dear.