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And then there was music…

Almost 10 years ago, I had a vision of a studio space that created opportunities for people to feel safe and supported as they looked inside and discovered different parts of themselves.

Yoga was one doorway into the self that I knew well.  It made sense to begin there.  I am so proud of the yoga and the depth of practices that have been shaped and have evolved at Creating Space Yoga Studio.

Mindfulness was another tool that was so important to bring to our community.  It is essential part of a yoga practice but it also extends far beyond the mat or meditation cushion.  The mindfulness education that takes place at Creating Space is inspiring and of the highest quality.

I am now excited to introduce music as a way to stir souls, and I feel honoured to welcome Duo Calixa and the other upcoming musicians as they perform their music for us.

I often think of the patina that I am creating with my life.  The layers and layers of experiences that create the unique and vibrant sheen that represents a life well lived. I hope that you will join me and add to your patina; step outside of your usual day and experience the joy of live music.

duo calixa

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