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Are you new to Creating Space Yoga Studio? Here is what you can expect.

Welcome!  We appreciate our CSY Community so deeply and we hope that you will find our studio a warm and inviting place to practice.  

It does not go unnoticed that it takes some bravery to take that first step into a new yoga studio.  There are a lot of misconceptions about what a yoga studio and practice should look like and we appreciate that you are taking the time to explore one on your own.

Here is what you can expect from us.

Our studio is located in South East Oakville on 594 Chartwell Road.  We are south of the QEW and north of Cornwall Road (and the train tracks).  We are in the same building as Forget-Me-Not Flowers, JWA Architects, and JRB Design Build.

There is some parking at the studio.  Parking is limited and we ask that you not park in the spots with the reserved parking signs.  Generally all of the spots in the parking lot along the roadside and along the north wall are first come, first serve and are open to our students.  We have two reserved CSY parking spots and you are welcome to park there.  Sometimes parking will spill out along the side of the road on busier days.

We have a new side entrance on the north side of the building.  Enjoy a short walk along our path through our zen garden to our door (shared with JRB).

You will enter into a shared vestibule.  Please leave your shoes here in the vestibule on the shoe racks.  The washrooms are through the “washroom” door straight ahead.  The CSY Studio door is directly on your right.

Please enter the studio quietly.  You are welcome to hang your jackets inside our studio office on the wall hooks.

Upon walking into the studio, you will be greeted by one of the teachers who will be guiding the class for the day.  Please let us know if you are new to the studio so that we can help you settle in.  Every new student is required to fill out a short registration form.  If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with your teacher before the class, please arrive early so that there is time available before the class begins.

Our class fees are $22 for a drop-in student.  For new students to the studio, we are happy to extend 10 days of unlimited yoga with that first $22 fee.  This is a good opportunity to try a few different classes and meet a few of our teachers during that 10 day period.  Talk to your teacher and book classes ahead.  You can also email Robyn ( to reserve your classes in advance.

The studio accepts cash, cheques, and debit.  We do not process credit cards.

Eventually, you may decide that you would like to commit to a regular practice at our studio.  Many students register for weekly classes.  They commit to a particular class for the full session and settle into their regular weekly class (fee-based on the number of classes in the session).  Other students discover that they would like to attend two or more classes per week.  If this is the case, the 3-month unlimited yoga pass is a better option ($460).  For those students who require more flexibility, we are happy to offer a 10 class pass ($210) and this pass is valid for one year.  With the 10 class pass, it is important to reserve the class in advance.  We also welcome regular drop-in students if there is space in the class.  It is helpful and wise to send an email to Robyn ( in advance if you would like to join a class to ensure that there is space available.  Click here to see our Fees and Studio policies.

Once you have paid and registered for your class at the front desk, you are welcome to settle into the yoga studio.  Your coat and shoes will be left behind, but please bring in your purse, wallet, keys, and valuables with you into the studio.  You can leave these in a cubby at the front of the studio.  We ask that you don’t stash your bags beside your mats.  Our yoga studio is small and we do use all of the floor space.  Please make sure you turn off your phone ringers!  

Our studio does provide yoga mats if needed to begin.  Eventually, you will want your own personal yoga mat.  Some students find it helpful if they put one of our studio mats under their own personal mat if they require extra cushion.  Also, help yourself to the bolsters and blankets if they can help you feel more comfortable.  You will observe that every student has their own personal way of making themselves feel settled.  In time, you will find what works best for you.  Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions if you are unsure.

We eventually practice barefoot, but during the colder months, socks are welcome until your teacher asks you to remove your socks.  Wear clothing that is comfortable for you and is easy to move in.  During the winter months, it’s best to dress in layers.  Since the studio is an older industrial building, the room may be cooler to start.  

We start all of our classes reclined on the ground for Shavasana.  Some students enjoy coming to the studio a little early and you may find them sitting in meditation or moving in gentle stretches.  Do what works best for you but please be quiet once you enter the yoga studio so that everyone can enjoy this time of peace.

Once the class begins, your teacher will enter the studio and quietly close the door and sit at the front of the room.  This is a good time to lay back and settle into Shavasana.  Your teacher will guide you through a short Shavasana (guided meditation, breathwork, mindful body scan).  This can last anywhere between 5 - 15 minutes depending on the practice.  

If you arrive late to the studio and the yoga studio door is already closed, please sit quietly in the front office space till Shavasana is over.  Once the class transitions into their movement practice, your teacher will invite you into the yoga studio.  You are welcome to take your own Shavasana if you need the time to settle yourself.

Most classes begin with Shavasana (relaxation/meditation) and then we transition into gentle movement.  These movements are slow to begin and are mostly enjoyed to warm up and unwind the body.  This is a time where we have the opportunity to explore how we feel in our bodies at that moment.  You may find that you are tight, sore, tired, energized.  Anything you discover is welcome.  

Our classes will begin reclined on the ground, then usually will explore different movements on the belly, hands and knees, standing or working with the wall and various props.  Every class will be different in order for your movement practice to be varied and nonrepetitive.  

We practice and teach mindful movement.  It is usually slow-moving so that you have time to explore how you move (not how you think you move).  It is not expected that everyone will move in the same way.  We don’t practice a certain set of yoga poses in a set sequence.  All of the movements introduced are an opportunity for you to explore your own body.  This is a mindful practice, not a workout.

We practice and teach with a sensitivity to what your body is communicating moment to moment.  Please listen to your own internal cues and work in a way that you are sensitive to this feedback.  We want to work within the “green” and “yellow” lights.  Meaning if you feel a “red flag” in your body, back away from the movement.  Always work in a way that there is a “green light” and explore your ranges of “yellow”… gently explore the resistance in your body but don’t feel the need to blast through it.  Stay curious. No insisting…the resistance is your body speaking to you.

We usually end each class with another short Shavasana, breathing meditation or a restorative yoga pose (a pose using props to rest).

Most of our yoga classes are an hour and a half in length.  On occasion, if you need to leave early, please let your teacher know and quietly pack up before the class settles into Shavasana.  Shavasana is an important part of the practice, please make it a priority.  

At the end of class, please neatly fold any blankets and replace all props that were used.  Take away your water bottles and belongings.  

Feel free to stop and chat with your teacher if you have any questions or would like to reserve another class.  

In time, you will see that the CSY Community is very supportive.  We have wonderful people at the studio and we end up getting to know one another.  In time, your regular teacher will also get to know your body and what movements work well for you and what movements may be challenging.  All of our teachers are used to working with students with a wide range of abilities and ages.  There are always modifications and ways in moving that will suit your practice.  It may take some time to explore, but there is no doubt in our mind that everybody can enjoy a meaningful and fulfilling yoga practice.  

If you have any other questions about our classes, please don’t hesitate to ask us in person or email Robyn.  

We will look forward to welcoming you to our CSY Community!

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