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  • More Clever Than Your Habits

    “Your yoga practice has to be more clever than your habits.” ~TKV Desikachar While working with yoga educator/author Leslie Kaminoff many things rang true, but none so much as the above quote that he picked up from his teacher T.K.V. Desikachar. This has transformed my yoga practice. It has brought a new awareness to how I move in my yoga as well as an added awareness to the way I sit at a desk, write on this computer keyboard, put the dishes in the dishwasher and even the way I communicate to my family or run a yoga class. I can …

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  • CSY Community: Introducing Pam Schoffer

    In celebration of our 5th year, I thought it was important to let our students personal yoga journey’s shine and be the foundation upon which we continue to build our yoga community.  I am sure that we will all find pieces of ourselves in each of these students and will find inspiration in their personal practices. It is my honour to introduce you to one of our amazing and inspiring students, Pam Schoffer.  Pam has been coming to our studio two or three times a week for several years now.  She is one of the most beautiful, honest and wise …

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  • Is There Etiquette In A Yoga Class?

    An important part of a yoga class is the notion of etiquette. This is something that new students should consider but also it applies to students who have been practicing for years.

  • On The Road Again

    Just the idea of a road trip often stirs up feelings of nostalgia, frustration, dread, excitement, humour and adventures.  The descriptions of your memories seem to change to match the era in which you grew up.   I have memories of  sweaty seat vinyl on bare skinned legs.   Memories of highly enforced territories in the back seat of the car between my siblings, and hand cranked windows to adjust the temperature of the car.  I recall my parents asking for leaded, or was it unleaded gasoline?  Seat belts were optional and the memories of being forced to drink liquid …

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  • I Can See The Horizon And It Looks Bright

    I can see the horizon again and it looks bright! I am happy to have a lighter step and feel that some weight has been lifted off of my hard shoulders. Our website is almost complete and I am ready to share it with you!

  • Restorative Yoga

    Restorative yoga has been an important addition to our studio’s offerings this past year. After training with highly esteemed yoga teacher and author of Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga For Stressful Times, Judith Lasater; Robyn Bowman, Nicole Patton and Natalie Suhanic have brought the work of restorative yoga into Creating Space Yoga Studio. We have seen changes in the studio…more bolsters have arrived, the blankets have multiplied and we have filled more bins with yoga blocks, sandbags, belts and eye pillows. Restorative Yoga is a celebration of props! Let your restorative yoga practice be a celebration of YOU! Here are …

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  • An Interview with Dr. Stéphane Treyvaud About The Mindfulness Lectures

    Cheryl Smith: Do you find that people are increasingly interested in Mindfulness Meditation? It seems to come up all the time in news articles, etc. these days. Stephane Treyvaud: Yes, it’s certainly an emerging awareness. The thing about it is that like anything else that becomes an emerging awareness, you have a lot of relatively superficial enthusiasm that accompanies it. I see that a lot of people do a lot of talk about it, but when it comes to actually developing the staying power, to actually engaging in the process that changes the neuro-circuitry of the brain, the number of …

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  • Thank You! Another Successful Holiday Pajama Drive for Halton Children’s Aid

    Thank you to our amazing community of yogi’s and neighbours for making this year’s Holiday Pajama Drive for the Halton Children’s Aid Foundation so successful! This year we collected over 100 pairs of cozy pj’s for the children in our community that need our love and support. I continue to be inspired and amazed at the wonderful group of people who practice at our studio. Way to go!!!  

  • Warmth of the Season – Holiday Pajama Drive Makes News

      Warmth of the season. PJs FOR CHRISTMAS: Creating Space Yoga Studio owner Robyn Bowman shows off some of the pajamas already donated.   ERIC RIEHL / OAKVILLE BEAVER   OK…I took one for the team with this recent photo in the Oakville Beaver. Let’s say the holiday spirit sprang out of me while tossing pj’s into the air! We will continue to collect new pj’s for the Halton Children’s Aid Foundation until Monday, December 19th. Thank you for all of the donations…the pj pile is growing!!!  

  • The Mindfulness Lectures – What People Are Saying

    We have been very fortunate to have Dr. Stéphane Treyvaud join us for the Mindfulness Lectures Series. The feedback has been incredible! Take a look… “I thoroughly enjoyed and deeply appreciated the thought and planning of these lectures. Their intelligence and wisdom was really profound and helped explain a scope of our human development.” “The lectures are wonderful, informative, stimulates growth and creates endless possibilities!” “I feel a deeper appreciation for the complexity of the brain and have a greater desire to understand my behavior, to rewire my brain and to increase my self awareness to foster my health and …

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