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  • Have You Seen The Changes?

    Have you seen the changes at the studio yet?    It was a bit of a risk agreeing to move our entrance to the side of the building.  Prior to the summer, the north side of the building was dark, dirty and not very pleasant looking for the past 12 years.  The only way I would agree to move our CSY entrance, as if there were to be a commitment for extensive landscaping and abundant lighting. I am happy to say, that after closing the studio for 6 weeks this summer;  the risk paid off.  The new entrance into our studio space is lovely, …

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  • Do you fall asleep in Shivasana?

    I am not surprised when I hear from so many students that their favorite yoga pose is Shivasana.  I mean, what is not to love about coming to a full stop and finally resting after a busy day or active practice?  Rest is a luxury in our society and many of us are sleep deprived.  Which brings me back to the question; do you fall asleep in Shivasana? I would not be surprised if you admitted that sleep is often part of the pose for you.  After more than a decade of leading groups through Shivasana, it is obvious when …

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  • What is a Deep Release Therapy Ball class?

    I have always held deep tension in my shoulders and neck.  It is my my go to place for stress and can be the instigator of headaches and lightheadedness.   Though the years my movement and yoga practice has helped me identify the fact that I am tensing and holding and I have even learned to move and free up those spaces with a mindful movement practice.   But still, I needed and wanted to be rubbed and massaged.  I pleaded with my husband to rub my neck and shoulders, and if there was something good on tv for him …

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  • Going Deeper into iRest Yoga Nidra

    I recently returned from another iRest training, this one (Level II) in Banff, Alberta with Anne Douglas.  There were 29 of us, mostly from Canada, but with some coming from as far away as Germany and Australia.  Everyone had already completed Level I iRest training and we were back for more specialized work.  Some of us were yoga teachers, but there were also social workers, nurses, a psychologist, a major in the Canadian military, a lawyer, and a retired 911 operator.      I first encountered iRest Yoga Nidra when I attended a workshop by local yoga teacher Andrea Soos …

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  • What is iRest Yoga Nidra?

    iRest® Yoga Nidra is an evidence-based ancient practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that releases negative emotions and thought patterns, calms the nervous system, and develops an inner sanctuary of well-being and equanimity to help with any circumstance you may encounter in your life. At a typical iRest Yoga Nidra class, students will learn a little bit about the practice, and then lie down in a comfortable position with bolsters, blankets and an eye pillow (optional). The teacher will speak all the way through the 10-step meditation, going from an introduction and setting of intention, into a detailed body …

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  • Embrace Your Influence

    The rush is over and the chilly winter season has cast its blanket encouraging us to slow down and to mindfully settle back into routine.  As you have moved into the new year, have you had time for reflection?  In this season of resolutions, do you feel overwhelmed or motivated? Do the changes you want to see in yourself and the world feel insurmountable or within reach? “You cannot control the world, the country, your town, the mood swings of those you love, but you can try to create around you a little bit of space that is all your own, a place where the rules of interaction you’ve chosen make sense …

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  • Time To Celebrate!

    10 years is a reason to celebrate! We hope that you will join us this weekend to celebrate 10 years of community. Over the past decade, we could not be more proud of the moments when our students had the courage to face their challenges.  When we witnessed individual practices deepening.  And the many sweet moments after class when friendships were forged and eventually extended beyond our walls.  It has been 10 years of trial and error ~ success and failure.  We started over again and again and again.  Just like we hope for in our practices. And now it is time to celebrate!

  • Benefits of a Summer Yoga Practice

    When we think of summer, many of us conjure up images of docks and cool lakes, hiking trails and road trips.  While most of us enjoy the opportunity that this season provides, sometimes we discover that the other parts of our routines slip for a couple of months. Personally, I think there is no better season than the summer months to wake up and explore your movement and meditation practices. Take your practice outside if you find yourself tucked away at a beautiful cottage or cozy nook in the woods.  If you are enjoying a “staycation”, venture out and experience …

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  • Be Inspired : An Evening of Music

    1 Guitar, 3 Violins & 1 Cello … Are you ready to shake up your Saturday night plans and open yourself up to the inspiring world of live classical music?  A perfect opportunity for a lover of classical music and for those who are curious to learn more.  Join us Saturday night for an intimate, yet casual concert.   I am very excited to invite Warren Nicholson to perform for us along with Mark Whale and the Whale String Quartet.    Here is a beautiful video of Nicholson & Whale performing together. I hope that you will take this opportunity to bring …

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  • December Magic

    December Magic … in stillness and in play. December is a month that can be consumed with busyness if we do not stop to take the time to witness the magic.  This month I challenge you to stop and witness the magic while you are in stillness and when you are at play.   While you are busy checking off items on your to do list, please include time for your own self care.  Sit in meditation, relax in shivasana, stretch on the floor, feel your breath, smile and look around.  There is so much to see and do, but don’t forget …

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