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  • Vote for the Spring CSY Book Club Selections

    The winter book club gathering was a success and we look forward to moving into the spring with an evolving group and another list of books from which to choose.  We will be accepting votes till March 23rd and will announce the spring book choices on Monday, March 24th. The spring book club gathering will be on Tuesday, June 3rd.  If you missed the winter meeting, you are welcome to attend the spring group.  We would love to include you.  But first…put in your vote! The gatherings will be informal and we ask that you have read at least one …

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  • Our First CSY Book Club Gathering

      The votes were counted and the books and charity (The Covenant House Toronto) were chosen.  We read and then we gathered.  I was very excited to meet for the first time with the new group that was emerging at Creating Space Yoga studio. We had a brilliant group of women come together.  Some of them were yoga students, some friends of  CSY students, a sampling of our yoga teachers and a couple of women joined us who had attended our Mindfulness Lectures.  We were an eclectic, wonderful mix. The meeting was perfectly informal.  Most of us brought along yummy …

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  • How To Be Alone

    A lovely poem and short film that I have enjoyed for years.  Take a look.  

  • Therapeutic Yoga at Duke University Faculty of Integrative Medicine

    In November 2013, I spent a wonderful week at Duke University in North Carolina earning a certificate in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors.  This is a unique programme for yoga teachers who are interested in working with older adults.  Twice a year, Duke Integrative Medicine brings together a group of 40 yoga teachers from all over North America for lectures and hands-on work with medical experts in aging, heart disease, pulmonary disease, chronic pain, arthitis, joint replacement, osteoporosis, and physical therapy. I have been teaching yoga for 10 years, to people of all ages, but I found that I especially enjoyed …

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  • CSY Book Club – A New Community

      We were excited to put together a book list, choose charities to match each book selection and then to finally present the idea of a new CSY Book Club to our studio community.  The book club idea was received with enthusiasm and excitement. Everyone thought it was a great idea and then the voting started. We selected five pairs of books.  Everyone who wished, had the opportunity to vote for a pairing (and the charity that was matched).  Voting was open for a month.  Finally the votes were counted and the book selections for our first CSY Book Club …

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  • Bound By Certainty

    I remember moving away from home at the age of 18 feeling confident that I was already worldly, independent and smart. I was full of hope and in my opinion, already had an incredible sense of knowing. It amazes me when I look back and marvel at my young confidence. A fortunate epiphany and my greatest learning that first year away from home and attending university was the realization that what I thought I knew was so small compared to what I still had to learn! It was a humbling acknowledgement and I am so grateful that it started me …

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  • Every Child Should Have A New Pair of PJ’s For Christmas

    For Oakville’s Robyn Bowman, owner of the Creating Space Yoga Studio, the holidays are about helping others. “I know the holidays are approaching when my inner elf kicks in and I start preparing for the annual Holiday Pyjama Drive for the Halton Children’s Aid Foundation,” she noted. This will be Bowman’s fifth year organizing the drive, which she founded. And she is not alone in her efforts as the community has rallied behind the cause. In the past, local hockey teams, dance studios, grade schools and the yoga community have come on board to help out with the collection effort. …

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  • Create Mindful Moments

      Many people think that meditation is difficult. They can’t even fathom sitting still for a few minutes let alone 45 minutes. Who has time for that??? I know that a formal sitting meditation is difficult. We are busy. We have lots to do. But consider approaching a meditation practice as not something that we have to “do”. How about approaching meditation as connecting to your moment as it is right now? That’s it. Take the pressure off and redefine what meditation can mean for you. While we don’t “do” meditation, what we can “do” is learn to create an …

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  • Calling All Book Lovers… Introducing The CSY Book Club

    Every Spring the CSY Community pulls together and enjoys a book donation/exchange for a couple of weeks at the studio.  All of the used books collected are donated to the  Oakville Literacy Council for their annual Used Book sale.  Each year we are overwhelmed with donations and the enthusiasm for books in our yoga community.  Obviously, there are a lot of keen readers among our yoga students! This gave us the idea of a CSY Book Club. We are always looking at ways to create deeper layers of community at CSY.  We hope that the book club will welcome new …

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  • Look At What We Have Achieved!

    A strong focus at Creating Space Yoga Studio is the encouragement of community and “doing our part and giving back”.  Although our students do come to CSY to practice their individual yoga and to discover new things about their own body and self; another consistent theme in the intentions of our practices also rests in the desire to reach out into our community to connect and help in small and big ways. I am so proud of the CSY Community and what we have achieved together!  Take a look at some of our work so far this year…   December …

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