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  • 9 Reasons that Men Love Yoga

      Although yoga is often associated with flexible women in expensive yoga gear, I’ve found that men really enjoy it too, once they give it a chance.  More and more men are finding that adding yoga into their busy lives helps them reduce aches and pains, sleep better, and perform better in their chosen sports, from hockey and rugby, to golf and running.  A quick Google search provides an impressive list of male athletes who do yoga:  LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Andy Murray, Pete Sampras, Evander Holyfield, Tim Thomas, Wayne Gretzky, the New Zealand All Blacks, and many Olympians.  At …

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  • Walking With My Mom – My Experience As A CSY Walker

    Okay, I am letting the “cat out of the bag” (is that the saying?),  Karin-Lynn Cumming is my Mom and she is also one of the CSY Walking Group coaches.  This is important because I am proud of her.  Her story from “couch potato” to “personal trainer” is inspiring and at one time completely out of character and unexpected. (I will include her story on this blog in the near future). It is also important because I know I got the best walking coach that I felt suited the needs of our yoga community and the future health and growth …

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  • Using Yoga To Eliminate Tension In The Jaw, Throat and Face – A Workshop with Cheryl Smith

    Most of us know the power of yoga and why its practice can be an important tool to move through life with.  Many of us fail to realize that yoga is so much more than what is practiced on our mats and in a yoga class.  We hope that we can continue to bring CSY yoga students workshops that reinforce the power of yoga and how it can be applied to everyday challenges. On November 11, 2012  from 10am – 12pm Cheryl Smith will be offering this unique workshop.  This is why she finds interest in this topic. “I have …

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  • Breaking It Down Into Moments

    “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” ~Buddha   This is how I see it … 1. we only have the moment and 2. our lives are a series of moments linked together. For me this makes things more simple. It takes the idea of a “mindful life” and allows it to be accessible and something that is “do-able”. A “mindful life” now becomes something tangible. It takes a large challenge (living mindfully) and breaks it up into smaller manageable pieces. When I think of I how I want to live …

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  • CSY Community: Introducing Cheryl Evans

    How did you discover yoga and how long have you practiced? I’ve always been curious about yoga but thought it was too slow, too boring. I was into high-impact, fast-paced aerobic exercising.  It took a tragedy in my life to make me realize it was time to “slow down”.  Almost four years ago, my father died very suddenly.  It was a huge shock and loss to my family.  My dad was an amazing man – we were all devastated Not long afterwards,  I was at my doctors for my annual check-up.  My doctor had also just lost her father, I asked what she …

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  • More Clever Than Your Habits

    “Your yoga practice has to be more clever than your habits.” ~TKV Desikachar While working with yoga educator/author Leslie Kaminoff many things rang true, but none so much as the above quote that he picked up from his teacher T.K.V. Desikachar. This has transformed my yoga practice. It has brought a new awareness to how I move in my yoga as well as an added awareness to the way I sit at a desk, write on this computer keyboard, put the dishes in the dishwasher and even the way I communicate to my family or run a yoga class. I can …

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  • CSY Community: Introducing Pam Schoffer

    In celebration of our 5th year, I thought it was important to let our students personal yoga journey’s shine and be the foundation upon which we continue to build our yoga community.  I am sure that we will all find pieces of ourselves in each of these students and will find inspiration in their personal practices. It is my honour to introduce you to one of our amazing and inspiring students, Pam Schoffer.  Pam has been coming to our studio two or three times a week for several years now.  She is one of the most beautiful, honest and wise …

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  • Is There Etiquette In A Yoga Class?

    An important part of a yoga class is the notion of etiquette. This is something that new students should consider but also it applies to students who have been practicing for years.

  • On The Road Again

    Just the idea of a road trip often stirs up feelings of nostalgia, frustration, dread, excitement, humour and adventures.  The descriptions of your memories seem to change to match the era in which you grew up.   I have memories of  sweaty seat vinyl on bare skinned legs.   Memories of highly enforced territories in the back seat of the car between my siblings, and hand cranked windows to adjust the temperature of the car.  I recall my parents asking for leaded, or was it unleaded gasoline?  Seat belts were optional and the memories of being forced to drink liquid …

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  • I Can See The Horizon And It Looks Bright

    I can see the horizon again and it looks bright! I am happy to have a lighter step and feel that some weight has been lifted off of my hard shoulders. Our website is almost complete and I am ready to share it with you!