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Breaking It Down Into Moments

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"



This is how I see it ... 1. we only have the moment and 2. our lives are a series of moments linked together.

For me this makes things more simple. It takes the idea of a "mindful life" and allows it to be accessible and something that is "do-able". A "mindful life" now becomes something tangible. It takes a large challenge (living mindfully) and breaks it up into smaller manageable pieces. When I think of I how I want to live my life, or of the relationships that I want to deepen, what I want to accomplish, how I want look, feel and do; it can be overwhelming. I only find myself with another HUGE to do list!

So I break it down into moments. Those moments become manageable and full. Small moments give me something that I can work with NOW.

It sounds simple, but I know you know that it's not. Even breaking it down into manageable moments takes practice. My mind wanders. I begin to dwell in the past or I worry about the future. It happens over and over again. And so I practice.

I practice building my mindfulness muscle while on my yoga mat, cooking dinner, sipping tea, or walking my dog. I practice utilizing the tools of my breath, listening to my body whispers and sensations, experiencing my senses and watching my emotions. What excites me about my "mindfulness muscle" is that I can continue to strengthen and develop it everyday. Like any muscle, the more I use it the stronger it becomes. If I neglect it, it becomes weaker. I can be mindful. I can be in the moment. But it takes practice.

I hope that you are able to find valuable tools at Creating Space Yoga studio to help you practice living more fully in your moments. Perhaps your mindfulness practice will come on a yoga mat, or reclining over bolsters and wrapped in blankets while in a restorative yoga class. Perhaps the guidance of Dr. Treyvaud and the Mindfulness Lectures will help steer you along your mindfulness path. Maybe even the CSY Walking group will build mindfulness while also building strength, stamina and confidence. However you prefer to practice, keep working your mindfulness muscle. Keep it agile and supple. Live each moment fully and watch your moments link together as one well lived life!

~Robyn Bowman

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