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Terms & Conditions Waiver

Zoom Class - Terms & Conditions Waiver

In consideration of the acceptance by CREATING SPACE YOGA LTD. of this application for participation in the program indicated below I, the undersigned, hereby release and forever discharge CREATING SPACE YOGA LTD., its directors, officers, agents, and employees (including without limitation any teacher hired by CREATING SPACE YOGA LTD.) and its or their successors, heirs, personal representatives, and assigns (the ‘Releasees’) of and from all actions, causes of actions and claims of actions, causes of action and claims of every kind or nature whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in the program described below and not with standing that the same may have been contributed to or caused by the negligence of the Releasees or any of them.

I acknowledge that group yoga classes, online yoga classes, private yoga sessions, workshops, intensives and study groups include techniques and exercises for developing strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, relaxation, concentration and breath awareness. I also, acknowledge and understand that a risk of personal injury may be involved in such programs, and agree to follow instructions carefully. I further understand that such programs may involve the use of equipment such as mats, bolsters, belts, blocks, bands, balls, dowels, pillows, blankets, chairs etc.

This completed form is also written consent, whether completed by on-line acceptance or written hard copy acceptance, to be included in studio mailings. You can unsubscribe from the mailings at any time.

This information is confidential and will not be shared.