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CSY Community: Introducing Cheryl Evans

How did you discover yoga and how long have you practiced?

I've always been curious about yoga but thought it was too slow, too boring. I was into high-impact, fast-paced aerobic exercising.  It took a tragedy in my life to make me realize it was time to "slow down".  Almost four years ago, my father died very suddenly.  It was a huge shock and loss to my family.  My dad was an amazing man - we were all devastated

Not long afterwards,  I was at my doctors for my annual check-up.  My doctor had also just lost her father, I asked what she found was helping her with her grief and she said "mindfulness".  I didn't know what she was talking about.  So, long story short I did a bit of investigating and signed up for Dr. Treyvaud's "Mindfulness Meditation" course.   When the course was finished I asked Dr. T. where he practiced yoga and he recommended Creating Space Yoga Studio.

I am now in my third year of practicing yoga at CSY.  I can't imagine my life without yoga.   Robyn once told me "Yoga can be very powerful".   She was so right.

How has your yoga practice shaped or affected your life?

My practice has really changed so many things....the benefits have been numerous.

When I began practicing, I was suffering from frequent lower back pain as well as neck pain.  Both are gone.  Well not totally gone, but better.  My core has really strenghtened as a result of my practice which means no more back issues.  It's all about pelvic stability and we practice many different ways to develop that strength.  I think that's why I love going to CSY because the teachers are SO knowledgeable, they keep everything fun and real.  Yoga can be done anywhere without special equipment, everyday items like water bottles, tennis balls, facecloths can be used in the most interesting ways.

I've come to recognize that I hold tension/stress in my neck/jaw area - but now thanks to my practice I am able to shift my focus, my breath there and help ease the tension before it gets too intense.  I've also changed/dropped a few bad habits.   If I watch T.V. at night I no longer sit or lie down on the couch - its on a mat on the ground.  I like to find those sitting bones and maybe do a bit of practicing while I'm there.

In November, I will be celebrating the 2 years of being "smoke-free".  I felt like quite the hypocrite doing breathing exercises then going out for a smoke.  Thank you, thank you.

What is your favorite yoga asana/pose and why?

Since starting I've had a few different "favorite poses"  Child pose is lovely, Baddha Konasana and now I'd say Downward Dog is my current favorite.  I love how I feel my back release in this pose, I also love transitioning from that pose to plank and back up  again - great for the core!!  And when Robyn or Nicole drop a belt beside my mat for leg stretch I try to have an open mind and relax....this is a pose that I struggle with,  but with practice it is a bit better each time.


What is the greatest teaching that you have received as a result of your yoga practice?

Thank you yoga for teaching me how to be more patient.
Thank you yoga for teaching me how to be kind to myself.
Thank you yoga for teaching me how to listen to my body.
Thank you yoga for teaching me that every day is a new day and your body responds differently.
Thank you yoga for showing me how strong i can be.
Thank you yoga for teaching me how to be a better version of me


Why do you practice at Creating Space Yoga Studio?

I am so grateful to the teachers and students at CSY.  I look forward to each session, wondering what new and exciting things I might learn that day.  I always leave feeling so blessed, positive and pumped for whatever lies outside the doors.



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