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CSY Community – Introducing Julia Schmidt and Paul Beinschroth

How did you discover yoga?

About 5 years ago we both realized that we needed to find a way to balance ourselves and yoga seemed the means to a much needed end.  We figured that if it worked for George Harrison then surely it would appeal to us!

Years earlier I (Julia) had tried yoga but for me at that time in my life it was not fast enough. I was into the heavy & hard jump around aerobics phase and did not give yoga a fair chance.  Thankfully I recognized that this was not a fair assessment and was able to approach yoga years later with a fresh new mind.

Why do you continue to practice yoga?

We love the studio, the people and feel a sense of peace every time we step into Creating Space.  The challenge of the poses and the flows encourages us to practice and continue.  We are encouraged by the results in our bodies.  Aches and pains are managed through movement and flexibility.  We love how yoga makes us feel.  Feeling good is addictive!

How has your yoga practice shaped or affected your life?

Doing yoga as a couple is like having a date.  It brings us closer.  We recognize more easily the ebbs and flows of a relationship.  It is fun to watch how we both are stronger, more flexible as a result of this very small commitment.

What is the greatest challenge that you face when you are on your mat?

To quiet the mind chatter.  It is hard to stop thinking about all the stuff that is going on, needs to be completed and all that daily “noise”.

Why do you practice at Creating Space Yoga Studio?

We love the studio.  It is a beautiful setting and feels very safe and welcoming.  There is no judgement.  It truly is a sanctuary. We are grateful to have discovered it 5 years ago.

The group of students we mostly practice with are like minded, at a similar level of yoga and very, very nice to be associated with.  We have laughter and fun.   Nicole our instructor is a talented, kind and clever teacher.  She is so well prepared and the flows are thoughtful and natural.  She is a wonderful role model, her mindfulness is reflected in our classes.

What are your favourite yoga asanas?

Julia – all inversions!  Legs up the wall & child pose

Paul – Savasana, Baddha Konasana and Legs up the wall

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