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CSY Community: Introducing Sue Tully

How did you discover yoga and how long have you practiced?

My yoga journey began with my Mom. I was looking for something that was physically engaging but, as a post graduate student, I also sought an activity that would teach me how to slow my mind down and relax. My Mom had begun her yoga practice a few years before and encouraged me to join her for a session. We began almost 10 years ago and still practice together when we can.

How has your yoga practice shaped or affected your life?

My yoga practice has become an important part of who I am. It has become part of me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yoga has taught me how to be in tune with and listen to my body. Yoga has also taught me how to slow down physically and mentally. I am better able to clear my thoughts and allow my mind to rest. Most importantly, I have nurtured an awareness of the connection I share with my surroundings and how I can bring my yoga practice into my daily life.

How does your yoga practice make you feel?

I love coming to my mat. In the space of my mat I can find whatever my mind and body are craving. I can mould the time I spend there into anything I want, responding to what my body is asking for differently each time. I love that my yoga practice can make me feel calm or invigorated, relaxed or energized but not matter what I always leave my mat feeling balanced and connected.

What you do you love about your yoga practice?

I love that no matter where I am in the world my yoga practice comes with me. As a biologist I can find myself in some pretty remote locations with no electricity or running water, in the far north or deep in the woods. No matter where I am my yoga practice follows me. My husband and I are also avid travellers and I love that regardless of what continent I am on or what language is spoken I can still connect with my yoga practice.

What is the greatest challenge that you face when you are on your mat?

The greatest challenge for me when I come to my mat is still letting my thoughts rest. I am someone who is always thinking about what I have to do that day and inevitably making a mental to do list. Over the years I have practiced turning these thoughts inward but some days are definitely more challenging than others!

Why do you practice at Creating Space Yoga Studio?

I began my yoga journey in Peterborough and upon moving to Oakville asked my instructor if she could recommend a studio in Oakville. Creating Space Yoga Studio was her suggestion as she had practiced with Helen Duquette and participated in her workshops. That was almost five years ago and since then I have experienced the guidance of each teacher at Creating Space and have been inspired by each in different ways.

What is your favorite yoga asana/pose and why?

My favourite yoga pose is Mountain Pose. Through this pose I feel a great amount of energy and connection. I find myself revisiting this pose and it’s fundamentals in my daily life as I stand in line or walk our dog. It is the simplest of poses but can be applied at almost anything you do!

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