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CSY Walkers Have Their Say!

"Your walking class is giving me a wonderful opportunity to learn how to move into the “cardio zone” properly, without the usual joint strain and bouncing around that comes from running. You are teaching us from the ground up and I am so impressed with how scientific your approach is, even though this is cleverly disguised under the veil of a good time. I am actually having great fun and It feels so good to get outside after a long, hard winter. Finally, you and your personal story are truly inspiring and this provides me with the motivation to “tie up those laces”!!!"
~ Alexandra


"Just want to say how fantastic our walk was last evening ~ I was so amazed by it that I could hardly settle down for the evening.  It was so invigorating & by far the most challenging we’ve done  (I loved it).

I can feel how it begins to take “a hold” – the fitness level is fabulous & so is the coach & other participants.

Please pass this message along to “our mother coach”   ~  she really is incredible!   I’m sitting at my desk now & have printed off a picture of a person power walking ... I’m going to tape it to my computer & look at & visualize.

Thanks so much again for bringing this into my life."
~  Louise

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