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CSY Zoom – Why You May Be Surprised and Actually Enjoy Zoom Classes

If you have been a student at Creating Space Yoga Studio over the past 7 months, you will have watched from the front lines the ways in which we have had to pivot our business and accommodate the incredible changes that the world has faced together.  

We immediately closed our doors in March 2020 once it was recommended that we all practice social distancing.  This triggered a quick turn around and we started filming and creating video home practices for our students and eventually launched a CSY On-Demand Video membership on our website in May.  As the weather warmed up, be began to offer outdoor yoga in our local park.  (These have been a wonderful way to practice together while maintaining personal distance and will continue as long as the weather permits).  And now we find ourselves 6 months later and we have re-opened a few small closed in-studio classes this month and we are finally jumping into the world of Zoom Yoga classes.  It has been a whirlwind.  And if you think your head is spinning…you should hang out in mine for a bit!!!!

Ultimately, the main goal through all of these changes was to continue to support our CSY Community, and the varying needs of all of our students.  (As you have all witnessed, the comfort levels and the reasons with which we individually choose to move through this pandemic are incredibly personal and valid).  

It is no secret that I was reluctant to jump into offering zoom yoga classes.  I had a set idea of how they would feel and that the technology would be too cumbersome and not worth the effort.  I was wrong. And if you are still on the fence and/or are avoiding practicing yoga with a zoom class, let me share with you why my view has changed.  



I get it.  This can be a big hurdle for many and a huge deterrent.  But all I can say is…it is worth trying!  We have all learned to pivot so much the past 6 months and many of us have been forced to adapt to new ways of doing things.  This is one more hurdle worth leaping over!  And really, it is NOT DIFFICULT.  If you have a computer, an iPad, or even just a cell phone, it will be as simple as clicking a link from a weekly email that is sent to our CSY Zoom students. This will connect you to our meeting and you will be invited into the class.  Once we greet and have a quick chat, our teachers will mute all of the students and you will just hear your teacher guiding the class.  Don’t let technology scare you or hold you back!

Keeping a routine or schedule is important these days

If you are not someone who needs or enjoys total flexibility (which the CSY On-Demand Videos offer), Zoom is a great way of scheduling your yoga classes each week.  This has been a huge perk for many of our students after feeling the effects of an infrequent practice during the past few months.  With a Zoom schedule set out each week, you are able to choose which classes you would like to join and just drop-in!  

Enjoy the benefits of a regular practice

Regular and ongoing practices are powerful.  It will give you the tools to feel better in your body and mind and your regular practice will support you during these challenging times.  You will create a deeper understanding of how you are moment to moment and you will establish an understanding that you are worthy of the time that you create to give back to yourself. 

Connect to the community on a regular basis

This is important and should not be understated.  I am by nature an introvert.  I am very happy tucked away in my home with my music, cooking, fresh air, and my loved family members.  But that is not enough…I also understand that I need to connect with others on a regular basis.  So do you!  Even though it is safest to keep our distance right now, we still need each other and community is an important aspect of health and wellbeing.  Especially as we enter the upcoming winter months.  Practicing together is a gift and we can now do it with this Zoom technology.  Coax a friend or family member from afar to meet you in a CSY Zoom class and practice together.  See a few new faces, engage if you wish, or enjoy staying private.  Whatever suits you best, but stay connected to the community!!!


I have heard from a few students that they are reluctant to practice with Zoom because they don’t have space in their home (which may translate that they don’t have a space in their home that they want others to see), or that they are uncomfortable having their private space or practice being shared online.  I totally understand this concern.  But here’s the thing…you don’t need to invite us into our home.  You can stay incognito if you wish!  There is no need to share your video or audio.  We would love to see your smiling face, but we understand if you choose to stay private.  That is ok with us too!  

Ultimately, once the class begins our teachers will mute all of the students.  This means that you will only hear the voice of your teacher during the class.  No doorbells, dogs barking, or complaining kids (unless it comes from your home).  Once we mute the class, the video recording will only be on the teacher leading the class.  If you wish to stay private, you can stay private!

Video recordings

This is a perk that our CSY Zoom students receive that I haven’t talked about much.  Each week I will edit and release one class.  I will try to mix it up so that there will be recordings of each teacher and class over the full session.  As the session progresses, there will be another recorded Zoom class added to the Zoom library.  This means that you will have access to these recorded classes during the length of the session.  If you need to miss your favourite class for one week, we will have recorded classes ready for you to use as a backup.  These recordings will ONLY be of the CSY teacher.  No images or voices of our CSY Students will be shared!!!

Variety of classes

Because we believe in the importance of a varied practice, we have included several different classes in our Zoom class schedule.  You will enjoy access to Yoga, Pilates, Restorative Yoga, Yoga and Mindfulness, and iRest Yoga Nidra classes.  This is a huge benefit to help keep your practice fresh and varied.  

Create your own environment

Although many of us love the environment of practicing in Creating Space Yoga Studio, you now have the opportunity to create a practice space that speaks best to you in your home.  Do what you can to create a comfortable practice space.  Dim your lights, use some essential oils, light a candle, put on some soft music, control the temperature, gather your favourite props, wear your comfiest clothes (or pj’s).  You get the best spot in the class!

This fall and winter we will no doubt need to continue to practice social distancing.  And we need to continue to come together as a collective community and do what we can to curb this tricky virus.  I am approaching this fall and winter as a time to heal.  We are prepared this time, so let’s accept the changes and etch out the ways that we all can learn to thrive. 

I hope that you will continue to be a part of our CSY Community as we would love to support you with your home practice!  If you have any questions or concerns about our CSY Zoom classes, please reach out.  We will be happy to help as we can!

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