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Don’t Panic! You Are Just Late For A Yoga Class.

It happens to all of us and we can literally feel the anxiety ratchet up with each passing minute.

As you were running out the door the phone rang, or you couldn’t find your car keys.  On the way to the studio it seemed like you hit every red light and the traffic was soooo heavy.  With only minutes to spare, you are just around the corner from Creating Space Yoga Studio and the train barriers come down and a very slow moving freight train goes back and forth, back and forth.

You can either go CRAZY in your car and feel your blood pressure rise and listen to the negative talk in your head; OR you can stop, breathe, and allow yourself to be late.  You are on your way to a yoga class to “de-stress” and “relax”, so start the class now as you wait for the train.

As you sit in your car, feel your breath moving in and out.  Notice the sensations of the breathe as it moves through your nostrils.  If it is helpful for you, count your breath from 1 to 10 and then 10 to 1.  Just be in the moment, waiting and breathing.  Nothing else to do.  Make it peaceful.  Look around.  Sit a little taller in your seat.  Be right where you are.

Eventually the train crossing barriers will go up.   Slowly proceed down the road to the studio.  Turn off your car.  Take another long slow breath and then slowly walk into the studio.

Enter the studio as quietly as you can and simply wave to your teacher through the window who is running the opening shivasana.  Take a seat in the reception area and continue with your breathing practice.

When shivasana is over for the class, your teacher will open the door and calmly invite you into the studio to settle.  Smile and quietly unroll your mat disturbing your class as little as possible.  Settle to the ground and create your own practice of shivasana.  There is no rush.  Catch up with the class when you are ready.

Life happens and sometimes we are late.  A disciplined practice does mean preparing yourself and getting to class on time, but we understand that sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned.  Instead of rushing to class and arriving in a sweaty mess, then barging through the door and snapping your yoga mat down as soon as you can.  The rest of us would prefer that you collect yourself quietly and enter the studio when we have all finished our opening shivasana.

Thank you!

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