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Have You Seen The Changes?

Have you seen the changes at the studio yet?   

It was a bit of a risk agreeing to move our entrance to the side of the building.  Prior to the summer, the north side of the building was dark, dirty and not very pleasant looking for the past 12 years.  The only way I would agree to move our CSY entrance, as if there were to be a commitment for extensive landscaping and abundant lighting.

I am happy to say, that after closing the studio for 6 weeks this summer;  the risk paid off.  The new entrance into our studio space is lovely, bright and welcoming. Yippee!

Here are a few comments from our students this week...

"The key to any successful renovation is to not lose the soul of the existing structure. Your renovation has been very successful! The soul of your business/studio has been elevated and lives on in its new form. Brava!  Bravo!"

"Congratulations on the renovations. Everything looks great!! The landscaping is lovely, very inviting. The entrance area is bright and accommodating. The washrooms are clearly marked and has a quiet door! The studio has nice tactile rugs to engage you. 
Once inside, it is still the sanctuary that we all love. New plants, baskets and freshly painted walls give it the new uplifting feeling. But it is still home."

Thank you to all our CSY students for your positive feedback and your patience as we put our classes on hold this summer!

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