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How Is Your Squat? part III

Why have I focused on squats so much this winter?


In my opinion, squatting should be a part of every person's movement routine, young or old.

The squat is more than just a yoga pose or leg exercise. It is a functional movement that can help with daily living and overall strength. It is easily modified and there are so many variations to add intensity or create more ease.

An increase in our functional movement allows us to perform daily activities more easily and without injury. Squats are one of the best functional movements out there. They don’t require any props, yet we can learn to use props to help build the function along the way.  They also are a great vehicle to build muscle and promote mobility and balance. Squatting is a compound movement, a multi-joint movement that works several muscle groups at once. Squatting exercises engage the muscles in the lower body and core, including glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, erectors, hip flexors, and adductors.

At the same time, I also sympathize that it is not a favourite movement for many.  But hopefully, over the course of the past few months, you have explored some of our "sneaky squat" classes that have helped build a foundation where you have more ability and confidence to explore a classic squat.

So here is my last attempt at convincing you to include regular squats into your movement practice.  This NEW short class on our CSY On-Demand Video Library will give you a few choices on how to build a squat that fits your body best.  There are also a few options or tips on how to make it feel better.  Enjoy!

CSY.52 - Finding A Squat That Is Right For You

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