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How Is Your Squat?

When I prepare a squat class in advance, I never tell my students where the practice is heading.  If I reveal a week in advance that we were going to have a squat class next week, chances are there would be a good percentage of my students would not show up for that particular class.

I once prepared a 4-week class series dedicated to exploring and improving the basic squat.  It was the one and only class series that I received no inquiries, no registrations, and mostly blank stares when I spoke of it.

Now I could take all of this personally, but I have been teaching yoga and movement for long enough to understand that for many students, squats fail to bring them to their happy place.  For many, they can be challenging, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful.   Squats have a bad reputation and I am taking it on as a challenge this winter to increase their popularity.  😉

So I ask you right now, how is your squat?  Do you enjoy or avoid squats?  Do you feel comfort or discomfort in the pose?  In order to improve on anything, we first need to know how we feel about it and then set a plan and move forward.  So let’s do that together.  Stand up right now and explore one or two squats.  Notice your range of motion, how it feels, what happens in your feet, knees, and tailbone?  What thoughts are swimming through your mind?

Over the course of the winter, we will explore the benefits of squats and how to improve and include them into our practices more frequently.

Why is it important to maintain our ability to squat?

  1. Squats are full-body movements.  Movement is good for us!
  2. Squats improve mobility, flexibility, and strength.
  3. Squats help improve our posture
  4. You can do them anywhere with lots of opportunities to practice!
  5. There are many variations and modifications to play with.
  6. Strong and functional squats lead to standing and walking with more ease
  7. We can other things better!

Have I piqued your interest in improving your squat?  If so, start with these few video classes.  (You will notice that not one of them has a full standing squat in the whole practice)!

CSY.3  - Reclined Hip and Leg Practice

CSY.6 - Standing Postural Awareness

CSY14 - Gentle Strengthening of Hips & Hip Flexors

CSY.35 - A Foot Refresh

Stay tuned for more squat themed video classes in the coming months!

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