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How To Inspire Creativity

Do you consider yourself a creative being?
Or do you believe that you don't have a creative bone in your body?

Regardless of how you answer the questions above, every one of us requires creativity to exist in our daily lives.  (Some just live with a little flair more than others.)   😉

As students of mindfulness, we learn to lean into many of the same qualities that enhance a creative process in our daily lives.  Skills that generally support creativity are the ability to observe, intentionally acting with awareness and undivided attention, the ability to describe and relay ideas to others while being accepting of the creative flow and without judgment.  Sound familiar?  All the tricks that we explore with mindful practice!

Here are a few ideas to blend your mindfulness practice into your creative flow...

  • try meditating before a brainstorming session
  • live from a place of intention rather than habit
  • put yourself in unusual environments for you
  • create space each day for clarity or ideas to simmer (meditation, restorative, gentle movement)
  • follow artists on your social media feeds
  • surround yourself with objects, sounds, tastes, people that inspire you
  • spend time outdoors
  • journal with a stream of conscious style and notice what comes out
  • schedule time for rest and relaxation
  • get offline for periods every day
  • find a way to capture and record creative sparks or "AHA" moments as they arise
  • practice daily "brain dumps" (to-do lists, thoughts, ideas, grateful moments, dreams, etc)

Mindfulness practice helps us switch gears when stress builds up.  A creative practice is a vehicle to release the ideas that are meant to be in this world.    And it takes courage and resilience to practice both!  Have fun with your practice!

Try this new meditation that was just released to the CSY Library.

CSY.58 - A Meditation to Enhance Creativity

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