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How To Settle Into A Home Practice

Creating and establishing a home practice can be challenging for some students even in the easiest of times.  However, a beautiful and liberating aspect of our yoga and meditation practices is that they are completely accessible.  Meaning, our practice will meet us where we are, when we are ready and as long as we continue to explore. 

Sometimes it is not possible to make it to a yoga studio for a class.  And lately, we have been confined to our homes as we all practice social distancing.  Some of us have found that this distance has forced us to create new ways of approaching our practice. If you have been struggling or have not yet found consistency in your home practice, here are a few suggestions that you may want to explore and see if they will help support you with your home wellness routines. 

  1. Pause in bed before starting your day.  Notice your breath.  Feel your body.  Consider what your priorities for the day will be and how you want to feel once your day comes to an end.
  2. Make a plan for the next hour of your day.
  3. Be mindful as you move through your morning routines.  Feel your feet once you place them on the ground.  Notice the temperature, fluidity of the water as you wash.
  4. Once you are up and going, write out a quick agenda for the day and include your wellness practice needs.
  5. Set aside a time for your formal practice (movement and/or meditation).  Set a timer for this time of day.
  6. Have a place in your home where you store your practice props.  Keep them together in a canvas bag or a beautiful basket.  Create a little extra space where you can unroll your yoga mat.  Maybe have a soothing candle nearby to light before you begin.
  7. Consider your normal weekly routine before the recent shutdowns, and note when you attended your studio group classes.  Keep those same appointments (yoga class, pilates class, restorative class, etc)  in your calendar and use the on-demand classes for that same day and time.
  8. If you normally join the morning classes at the studio and thought it would be nice to also attend at night.  This is your chance.  Pick a morning practice and then also add a short evening practice before bed.
  9. Start a practice journal.  In this journal you can set out your practice schedule for the week using the on-demand classes (pick the classes in advance), meditation, or areas of practice that you would like to explore on your own.  Keep track of how you feel before you practice and then after.  Track what was challenging and what you would like to explore further.
  10. When practicing by yourself, pay attention to the body feedback and stay alert to the yellow or red flags that indicate pain, pinch or push.  Be kind to yourself.  Be gentle and watch how your body will open up to you.
  11. Cut yourself some slack.  If you are being challenged by the present moment, take a breath and offer kind words towards yourself just as you would to someone else.
  12. Reach out if you need help or have questions.  We are still community even with distance between us.  🙂

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