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How Will You Move On?

It's been a year since the initial lockdowns and much has changed in the world.  But optimism seems to be on the horizon!  Lately, I have been thinking about how will we all move on?  I know that is a loaded question and one that I have been contemplating.  What is next?  Where do we go from here?  Here are a few questions that I have written down and that I am currently in the process of exploring for myself.  Let me know if they are helpful for you?

Questions to spark a fresh way forward...


How could I have improved this past year now based on hindsight experience?

What could I do now to better prepare myself, my family, and my home if this isolation period were to arise again?

What could I do now to allow myself to feel freer in the future (despite the circumstances)?

What does a feeling of safety look like for me?  Can I make changes to help promote a feeling of safety?

What did I miss most during this year of isolation?  And how can I make changes going forward to meet those needs?

How does a threat to our community health change everything?  Can I make changes to support my personal and community health?

What health-related appointments do I need to book immediately with doctors, dentists, massage therapists, etc?

How can I create a better mental health support system for myself, my family, my community?

What does re-entering a social life look like for me and my family?  How can we respect the varying needs of those closest to us?

How and when do we start planning again?

This is an on-going process for all of us.   It has been a challenging year, there is no doubt!  But whether we are ready or not, things will move forward in some capacity.

Do you have any questions that you would add to the list above?

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