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Making Modifications

A long and active life involves making modifications.

Age is going to happen to those of us fortunate enough to experience it.   Aging with grace, for me involves considering "What do I have to do today to keep me in better shape than yesterday?"  I have learned that one secret to graceful aging is learning to modify our actions today, tomorrow and next year to enable us to keep moving!

The Creating Space Yoga Walking group embraces making modifications.  We aim to teach our students that walking can become an integral part of their lives today and for the rest of their lives.

A successful walking practice begins with moving in a functional range of motion that can be modified to each individual.  As a walking coach I have been forced to learn to  modify my own walking practice while working through a athletic injury. I discovered that an injury can be an opportunity to learn and grow.

We all advance according to our own fitness levels. What is required is the desire to simply start the process.   The approach of being gentle, consistent and listening to your body works for everybody.  This will move you forward.

We will teach an approach to walking that embodies the skill set of power walking, chi walking, fitness walking and mindfulness as we move through each class. All these differing approaches work together and can be adapted to the individual bodies.  You will learn how to challenge your well developed neural pathways.  You will learn how to walk with a more efficient, more confident and a safer stride.  You will take home a "course of study" so that you understand the principles behind the instructions.  You will have FUN and very quickly you will discover a "walking support system" in Oakville.  The combination of walking efficiently,  improved fitness and sense of accomplishment is a natural by product of this walking group.

Come join us….watch out, you just might become hooked on walking.  Click here to learn more about the CSY Walking and Yoga groups.


~guest blog post by Karin-Lynn Cumming

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