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More Clever Than Your Habits

"Your yoga practice has to be more clever than your habits."

~TKV Desikachar

While working with yoga educator/author Leslie Kaminoff many things rang true, but none so much as the above quote that he picked up from his teacher T.K.V. Desikachar. This has transformed my yoga practice. It has brought a new awareness to how I move in my yoga as well as an added awareness to the way I sit at a desk, write on this computer keyboard, put the dishes in the dishwasher and even the way I communicate to my family or run a yoga class. I can easily fall into habits... deeply formed connections in my brain that are challenging to deviate away from.

After learning with Dr. Treyvaud and being a part of his Mindfulness Lectures, this added mindfulness practice has reinforced the importance of "being more clever than my habits". My yoga practice and mindfulness practice once again has moved away from my mat and weaves itself more deeply into my life.

So with this learning, I try hard to bring this opportunity of being "more clever" into the programming at Creating Space Yoga Studio. I am excited this fall to have so many ways that we can all deepen our practice (yoga or meditation) through different modalities and groups/classes to explore.

It all comes back to participating more fully in your own life. To be alive and present when you are on your mat, driving your car, preparing a meal or sharing time with family and friends. And I hope to continue to create an environment at CSY where we can all practice these new skills so that we have a solid set of tools that help us stay present and connected to our bodies and lives!

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