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Mothers on Fire interview with Robyn Bowman, Owner of Creating Space Yoga

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Robyn Bowman is a Mother on Fire! After eight years of being a “stay-at-home-mom” Robyn knew it was time to challenge her mind and “create.” She opened Creating Space Yoga Studio, now in its fourth year of business and leaves her work every day feeling fulfilled. Read her inspiring story of how she turned her passion for yoga into a creative and gratifying venture!

1. What inspired you to open Creating Space Yoga Studio?

I had been practicing yoga for over a decade both before I had my children and after. When my children were in school part-time (nursery school and kindergarten) I decided to begin my yoga teacher training. It was a two year course that was quite demanding. Even though the work load was heavy and time consuming, especially with two young kids at home, I knew that it was what I was supposed to be doing. By the time that my youngest was about to begin school full time, I had been home more than 8 years and was ready to challenge myself and my mind to something more. I was ready to “create” again.

I envisioned a studio space where individuals would feel safe and comfortable regardless of their circumstance to practice yoga. I wanted to create a yoga studio where everybody was seen as an individual and where we were all responsible for our own learning. I wanted to teach in a way that inspired each student to listen to their own body. I was fascinated by the idea of creating space. Creating spaces in our bodies, in our minds and in our breath. I was feeling that so much of our society seemed tight and closed and I wondered what would it feel like to feel spacious, to move with freedom and to breathe fully? I suspected that once we created space in our bodies, more space would continue to open up around us and spill into our lives. I have discovered that there is always more space!

2. How did you make it work with your kids and family?  The timing worked well for our family. I felt so grateful that I was able to spend as much time at home with my children as I did. Those eight years were priceless, but I knew that it was time for me to challenge myself in a different way.

When I first opened the studio it was important that I arrange the studio class schedule around the needs of my family first. I had the luxury of creating the schedule and so arranged the classes that I would be teaching and when it would make the most sense for me to be away from home. Every day I am home in the mornings to send them off to school and I am home for their return. Thankfully, my husband is also an entrepreneur, so he too has a flexible schedule. He is a very “hands on Dad” so we are all extremely lucky! Flexibility in both of our schedules is a very important part to how our family works.

My family has been woven into the life of the studio and into my own personal yoga practice. My children have grown up knowing that mommy has time that she is “doing her yoga” or is “sitting” (in meditation). They respect that time and think it is just something that is done. My husband, my sister and my mom all practice at the studio. My kids are proud of the studio and even think that it is cool to have a “yogi mom”...well most of the time.

3. What was your biggest obstacle?

There are always obstacles in every endeavor. My obstacles seem to fall into three categories when it comes to my home and my business.

Personally, my biggest obstacle is delegating my time effectively between my studio, my family home life, my personal yoga practice and other needs (i.e...gym time, friends, creative time). It is a constant balancing act. They are all important and necessary to making me happy and whole. Some days I have it, other days I don’t. I do know that balance is not static. It is always shifting as we move through our days, weeks and years. Balance will look different from moment to moment.

In my yoga teaching, my biggest obstacle is explaining that yoga is not about how flexible the body is, and it’s not even really about the pose that we are in. For me, our yoga postures are tools to facilitate mindfulness. This is my true yoga. I try to teach my students not to get seduced by the physical form of the pose. I would rather them learn to feel what they are feeling in the moment. Does this feel good? How is my breath responding to this pose? Can I undo some tension to make my body feel lighter, more at ease? I teach that it is important to listen not only to the loud messages the body is sending us but also the soft whispers. That is the part of yoga that I LOVE!

In my business the biggest obstacle has always been getting out the word that we are here and that we teach good yoga. The yoga business has expanded incredibly in the past 5 years and there seems to be yoga studios everywhere with every type of yoga possible. Ironically, it has become a very competitive business. Like any small business working within a small budget, the challenge is to find creative ways to pass on our message. When you are proud of your work, you want to share it with others!

4. What have you learned?

My yoga students have taught me that we are all so strong and resilient. They have shown me that we all have a “story” but the “stories” don’t have to define us. I have had the opportunity to watch bodies let go and open and I have seen the effects of a soft approach to the body and have watched it respond with intelligence. It is amazing!

My business has taught me that I can be creative and love my work. It has fulfilled the many sides of my personality. I have happily discovered that every time I leave my studio I go away feeling fulfilled. I have also learnt that the key to a successful business is surrounding yourself with positive, open and supportive people. I have amazing teachers working with me and I have incredibly inspiring students. That is invaluable!

My family has taught me that I am not always right and that sometimes I don’t have the answers. I am slowly learning that this is okay. I have learnt that good communication isn’t what comes out of my mouth but rather what is heard by others. This is a learning that I try to remind myself about at home and also while I am teaching. It can be especially challenging with growing children and a busy household.

Most importantly, I have realized that I will never have it all figured out. I am not looking as hard for the answers. I am now trying to listen more for the stillness.

More Information about Robyn...

Robyn’s Yoga Studio is located in Oakville, Ontario. She teaches a Hatha yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. Robyn is also a certified Relax and Renew Teacher having worked with Judith Hanson Lasater.

Robyn writes a blog for her studio, “Looking for Space ~ a creative extension of our yoga”

Creating Space Yoga Studio is very involved with giving back to their local community. This month at the studio they will be running their second annual Pajama Drive for the Halton Children’s Aid Foundation. She will be accepting donations of new pj’s to pass along to the children who are currently in the care of Halton Children’s Aid for the holiday season.

Robyn is proud to be helping her own “Mother on Fire” by hosting an art showing at her yoga studio for her Mom who is pursuing her own passion. Robyn’s mom, Karin-Lynn Cumming has always had a deep desire to paint and is now finally putting herself out there with her first solo art exhibition.

This interview was taken from the Mothers on Fire website. Their website can be found at

From their website you can purchase their book,

Becoming a Mother on FIre - A Guide to Being a Mom Without Losing Yourself.

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