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Pause. Reflect. Rebuild

The Covid pandemic has changed the world and has touched every individual in some way.  We have been forced to alter the way we work, socialize, and how we schedule, and move about our basic days.  It has forced us to slow down and spend more time in personal reflection. It has been equally devastating and freeing.

Innovation often arises in periods of adversity, and we have seen this unfold in real-time as we watched the world's top scientists work together to create a vaccine in an astounding time frame.  (Sending gratitude to these scientific heroes!)  On a smaller scale, we have seen businesses take creative steps towards sustaining and in some cases building new businesses out of the Covid ashes.  It really has been quite astounding to witness the immediate ability to adapt

I am taking this unique time to reflect on my own life.  Exploring ways that I can innovate and change so that moving forward I am streamlined, focused, and aligned.

How about you?  Has this pause stirred up a whisper that has been buried below the surface for some time? Have you discovered what might be regained for you with a less hurried life?

Personally, I have noticed the things that need to be regained tend to be subtle and delicate.  Even hard to describe. So arising out of my own Covid ashes this winter, I will relish this time paused, will actively reflect, and embrace the opportunities to rebuild.

Stay safe and use this precious time wisely.

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