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Pillars of Health

As we enter into the deep winter of 2021, health has been a topic of conversation that has dominated the newsreels and our daily conversations since March of 2020.  We are moving through an unprecedented global health crisis and there has never been a better time to explore ways that we can promote better health and wellness in our own lives.

Health is multi-faceted.  It isn’t just based on one thing.  Health can be cumulative and we can all make small positive changes that will make a difference in our own health and wellbeing.  Most importantly, these changes are within our control.

I am approaching this winter as an opportunity to explore my own pillars of health.  I have accumulated this list of areas that we can focus on to improve our own wellness.  Now this list may not be applicable to everybody.  We all have our own unique combinations that create wellness.  I challenge you to create your own list.  What are your pillars of health and wellness?  How can you practice and explore your own pillars this winter?  Give it a try!

I would love to hear your suggestions on adding another pillar to this list or suggestions on ways to further explore each pillar of health.

10 Pillars of Health


  • incorporate regular exercise that builds a sweat and may include endurance
  • maintain a regular yoga & pilates practice
  • practice natural movement outside such as hiking, jumping, hanging, crawling, and balance
  • breathe deeply every day in the form of pranayama (breath control), breath meditations,  and cardio workouts that challenge the lungs


  • eat naturally with whole foods and restricted processed foods
  • prepare and enjoy my own meals
  • cook and share meal with others
  • eat a wide variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables
  • be mindful of portions


  • live purposefully
  • live slowly and put away electronics for long periods each day
  • identify and connect with your support people
  • seek out a therapist when needed
  • establish or continue with a journal practice


  • engage with the community either in person or virtually
  • create and commit to a reoccurring time to meet and connect with friends and family
  • help out in some way in your community/ give back


  • practice gratitude in a journal form, before meals, before bed, or early morning
  • daily meditation practice
  • lean on faith and religion if that speaks to you
  • create a space in each day just dedicated to yourself


  • seek out continuing education of any kind
  • join a book club or interest group
  • enjoy a long term project where you are creating something of importance to you


  • make debt control a priority
  • have a plan for investment and savings and make it a priority
  • create a budget that works for you and your family


  • keep your home and workplace clear and clutter-free
  • avoid toxicity in your home and environment
  • commit to clean up efforts for our greater environment/recycling, producing less waste, planting trees on your property, reduce car travel
  • spend time in nature


  • make it a priority
  • follow the sun and spend time outside every day
  • educate yourself about sleep science
  • create a positive sleep environment


  • manage stress with mediations, yoga, Yoga Nidra, or a restorative practice
  • play every day and enjoy laughter
  • create time in each day doing something that you enjoy
  • have a hobby
  • enjoy a bath or a steam

Stay healthy this winter ... and enjoy doing so!

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