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Privates and Semi-Privates

Why A Private Yoga Session?

Private yoga classes are a great way to begin or deepen a personal yoga practice.

Private yoga classes have many benefits.  For those looking to expand, progress and deepen their practice, it means an opportunity for personalized guidance, hands on adjustments and discussion on how to bring your yoga practice off the mat and into daily life.

For those who are working with physical challenges or are healing from injury or illness, private yoga instruction can compliment other wellness treatments and encourage a deepened personal healing.  Through yoga one can explore how therapeutic poses can speed healing and recovery.

When you book a private or semi-private lesson the hour is yours to:

  • receive personalized instruction with custom and hands on adjustments
  • experience a program that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and preferences
  • enjoy a class looking to exploring the possibilities of your own yoga journey

$85 per hour.

24 hour cancellation policy or fee will be applied.

Take Home Yoga Practice

Have you wondered how to start a home practice but have never known where to start?  We will personalize an hour long sequence just for you and help you implement it while away from our studio.  You will receive take home detailed written notes for a personalized yoga practice that you can incorporate into a home, gym, office or travel routines.

$80 for a detailed written 1 hour home practice

$60 for updated detailed written 1 hour home practice

*student must first work in a private class setting or be a regular ongoing student at Creating Space Yoga Studio

Semi Private Class

This is an opportunity to practice with a friend or partner.  In a semi-private class we can tailor the small class to both your needs and abilities.

$90 per hour.

24 hour cancellation policy or fee will be applied