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In the past few weeks in our Thursday evening Yoga & Mindfulness class, we have been exploring the STOP practice.  It is a powerful, yet surprisingly simple strategy to help you feel more focused, alert, relaxed, and more grounded in the moment.

Simply put, it’s a four-step mental checklist to use anytime you want to slow down and reconnect with your creativity and calm, or to deepen your insight into whatever is going on. The whole idea behind it is that by taking a very brief break—even less than one minute—you can determine the very best action to take at the moment.

Give it a try...

S- Stop what you are doing and press the pause button on your thoughts and actions.
T- Take a breath and feel the sensations of your breath to help bring you back into your present moment.
O-Observe what is going on in your body, your emotions, and your thoughts.
P-Proceed when you feel ready to move on with grounded awareness.  

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