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Saying Goodbye To Our Sunny Studio

Hello all, although this is difficult to share, I expect that it will not be a surprise.  

As you know, last year I decided that it was time for me to close the studio portion of Creating Space.  After 15 years and then finally getting through the difficult and exhausting pandemic years, I knew it was time for me to step away from the responsibility of running the physical studio space.  My personal life was shifting and it was time for me to create more space in my personal day-to-day to let the next ideas come to life.  Last year when I shared this news, it was obvious from the reaction of the CSY studio community that it was not time for the students to say goodbye to the studio space.  I was ready but the community was not.  This presented a new challenge for me to figure out.   😉

What many of you did not know was that my personal life was beginning to shift away from Oakville.  And since that time, I have moved out of Oakville and into the country and have almost adapted to small-town living.  I decided I would take the year and see if I could make sense of running the studio remotely and come back to teach once or twice a month.  Thankfully we had Cheryl, Ashlie and Niké and their consistent teaching at the studio that allowed most of our classes to continue.  Although I loved coming back to teach at the studio, in order for the studio to run the way that it should be run, I need to be in Oakville full-time.  I am so happy that I was able to give our community another year in our lovely studio space, but I am sad to say that it is now time to let the sunny studio go.  

This studio space has been a big part of my life, and a creative journey that has been a fixture for our family for over 16 years!  My youngest was starting out in grade one when I opened, next month she graduates from University.  The studio was built around my growing children and just like families grow and change, it is time for the studio to change as well.  I loved every minute I spent in our sunny studio.  It is a peaceful place to be and I have always been grateful to the studio community for supporting us through the years.  

However, just like many of you, I have come to a time in my life where once again, my business must adapt as my life evolves.  It is time for me to get uncomfortable again and make space for new growth.  And often, that means letting go of something.  

I know that this news will be upsetting for those students who are committed to practicing in person. And all I can say is that I am so, so sorry to disappoint. You have been the reason why I have delayed this decision till now, and I truly hope that we will still have the opportunity to practice together again.  I will continue to support you with your home practice by offering my weekly Zoom and on-demand classes.  I will also look forward to returning to Oakville monthly to teach a class/workshop where we will come together to practice and work on aspects of your home practice that need more attention.  I am looking forward to this new format and I am currently planning for the first class to be as early as June!  If you wish to join me for this monthly class/workshop and to be the first to reserve a spot, please respond to this email and I will put you on the list for future Oakville classes.  These in-person classes will be limited in size so this group of students will have the first chance at reserving a spot in the class before I open it up to the whole CSY Community.   

Our regular CSY studio classes will run through the end of May.  After May, any studio classes remaining on your account will be valid for our Zoom classes, and the Oakville monthly class that will be offered.   Please check your Zen planner accounts and book your in-studio classes in April and May while space remains in the final classes.  The studio will not be able to issue refunds for any unused in-studio classes so reserve your last classes soon.  
Sending you a big warm hug of thanks and appreciation.  Thank you for being here.  I hope that we can continue to practice together as we all move through the transitions of life.  🙂 


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