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Self Care Ideas for September

Fall is in the air and with the change of season, we have the opportunity to begin again, change what we want to change and take care of our needs in a new way.  Here are a few self care ideas to add to your month ahead.

  • open the windows and let the cooler air spill through your home
  • visit a fall farmers market and check out the fall harvest
  • cook some homemade soup and freeze some for later
  • pick a new yoga pose and slowly work towards it each day
  • clear away some of the older summer foliage and bring in a bright new fall coloured plant to your space
  • go shopping for a cozy new sweater, blanket or scarf that you love
  • enjoy a homemade facial
  • look for a new podcast, tv series or movie to watch
  • enjoy a warm bath complete with bubbles, epsom salt or essential oils
  • spend time outside and take in the fall colours as they begin to reveal themselves

Enjoy the glorious September days ahead!

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