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Welcome to our online store. We are happy to provide this service as a way to accommodate our online community and those from out of town.

Restorative Yoga Props

Restorative yoga has become a healing practice for many of those who practice it regularly. While it is lovely to come to a class and be “tucked” in, this is a practice that can also be done at home.  We are happy to offer custom made bolsters, eye pillows and sandbags to assist you in a home restorative yoga practice.  All orders will be custom made and available for pick up at Creating Space Yoga Studio two weeks from placing your order.


Rectangular Bolster with Cover (5x10x24)  - $80.00
Tall Rectangular Bolster with Cover ( 5x10x30) - $90.00

Cylindrical Bolster with Cover (8x24) - $75.00
Tall Cylindrical Bolster with Cover (8x30) - $85.00

Pranayama Bolster with Cover (3x7x26) - $70.00
Tall Pranayam Bolster with Cover (3x7x30) - $75.00

Colour Selections:  Grey Denim, Blue Denim, Taupe, Lime, Turquoise, Lilac, Fuchsia, Navy, Rust, Grey/Taupe pattern, Brown/Blue pattern.

Eye Pillows

Eye Pillow with Silk Case (Lavendar scented with flax seed) - $18.00
Eye Pillow with Silk Case (Unscented with flax seed) - $18.00

Colour Selections:  Navy, Burgundy, Taupe, and various patterned selections.


Sandbags (15x9) 4.5lbs & 2.5lbs - $35.00
Sandbags (14x8) 4.5lbs & 2.5lbs - $30.00

(HST not included)

Colour and fabric samples are available at the studio.

Yoga Tune Up Balls

Therapy Ball pair & tote (small) - $25
Therapy Ball Plus pair & tote (medium) - $25
Big Alpha Ball (large) - $25
Coreageous Ball (purple) - $20

Gift Certificates

This is the perfect gift for those yoga loving students or for those who wish to begin a yoga practice or benefit from Therapeutic yoga.

Please leave a message when purchasing indicating the name of recipient, name of purchaser and the purchasers email address.  The gift certificate will be emailed to the email listed with the purchase.  Please allow 2-3 business days to receive the emailed gift certificate.

If there is a need for a different denomination of gift certificate or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the studio directly.  Thank you.

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