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Summer’s End

The summer's end creates space for the freshness of fall.

IMG_8119I usually I have a hard time saying goodbye to the summer season.  Summer is the season where I have more time for adventure and ease.

As many of you know, I had an incredible adventure this summer hiking through the Sierra Nevada mountains and then my adventure took a spontaneous turn and we finished our adventure in the desert! I have so much to share and I will find some time over the next few weeks to write about my experience.

And so as I say goodbye to summer this year, I don't have the same sense of regret or wishing it wasn't coming to an end as I usually do.  My hike taught me to trust the trail that is in front of me. It will always lead to adventure.  The trail I walked this summer was high then low.  It was challenging and then had fleeting moments of ease.  Sound familiar?  The trail I was walking is no different than my day to day life.  And my ordinary day is no less magnificent than the incredible mountains that stood before me.

This fall I have the privilege to walk this new trail alongside of you.  We have so much planned at CSY Studio and there is so much to wake up to!  I hope that you will join myself and all of our teachers on our fresh fall adventures!!!

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