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Rosie Damiani

Rosie Damiani

A certified Hatha Yoga instructor from Sheridan College, Rosie’s personal practice began 18 years ago while searching for a different approach to exercise. She soon discovered that the simple yoga postures and breathwork not only helped improve strength and flexibility but also provided her with the tools to cope with stress and fatigue. Her interest in teaching was sparked by her excitement in sharing the learning and hopefully providing others with the same benefits she received from the practice.

Rosie currently teaches at Oakville Trafalgar Hospital where she has been an instructor for the employee wellness program since 2011. The program caters to doctors, nurses, technicians, and volunteer workers who have come to recognize the benefits of engaging in some form of mind-body practice to help cope with increasingly stressful work environments.

“My yoga is about slowing down a little while still challenging ourselves. Working with applied awareness and mindful movement allows us to adapt our postures to suit our particular needs at any given moment in time, and that’s what makes yoga a relevant experience for each individual. In my teaching and in my own practice, I continue to work on striking the delicate balance between the opposing forces of strength and flexibility, and control and surrender. I believe yoga should be accessible to should only require you to be present and willing to try.”

Rosie has also taught for the adult mental health program at the hospital and has completed additional studies in Yoga for Seniors, Chair yoga, and Yoga Thrive: a 7-week program established to bring movement back into the lives of people who have had or are going through an experience with cancer, as well as, for those with limited mobility or who may be in post-surgery recovery.