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Top 5 Reasons Why I Love A Chair Yoga Class

When the world closed down for several months during the pandemic we were all forced to do things in new ways.  Our work and personal routines and habits were disrupted and most of us tried new things.  This was one benefit of the pandemic that we don’t speak of too often.

During that time, I was approached by a few corporations whose employees were working at home.  They asked me to put together a lunch hour practice as a way of connecting their employees at home and to help support them with their mental and physical health.  It was a short practice and for the most part, we practiced with a chair.  This group of students where of all ages and abilities.  It was a fabulous opportunity to incorporate movement and mindfulness into their days.  Many of those individuals still practice with me weekly.

Recently, I recorded another chair practice for our community.   I love a good chair class and here are my top 5 reasons why…

It can be done anywhere.  At home, at the office, at the airport!

You don’t need to get down on the ground.  This is helpful if you find yourself with limited space or are in a place where it is not appealing to recline on the ground

It is accessible to everyone, regardless of age and ability.  

There is no need to change your clothes.  For the most part, a chair yoga class can be practiced in any kind of yoga gear or street clothes.

It can be varied from gentle to challenging.   A chair yoga class doesn’t always have to be gentle and geared to beginners.  A chair class can also be strength-based and challenging.   I love both!

After teaching in yoga studios for over 20 years, I have now moved my focus to supporting students of all ages with their home practices.

I invite you to join our online community to practice alongside pre-recorded videos and live classes!

Beginners and newcomers are welcome.

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