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What is a Deep Release Therapy Ball class?

I have always held deep tension in my shoulders and neck.  It is my my go to place for stress and can be the instigator of headaches and lightheadedness.  

Though the years my movement and yoga practice has helped me identify the fact that I am tensing and holding and I have even learned to move and free up those spaces with a mindful movement practice.  

But still, I needed and wanted to be rubbed and massaged.  I pleaded with my husband to rub my neck and shoulders, and if there was something good on tv for him to watch, most of the time I would be fortunate enough receive a deep tissue massage.  

But what to do when my husband wasn’t home?  A monthly professional massage is a treat, but not always feasible!  

When I started to notice the rise in popularity of the Yoga Tune-up balls in the movement and fitness world, I watched the testimonials and read the literature with curiosity.  Finally I purchased my own set and worked with them at home for a few months.  (I will always explore at home before introducing a new tool to our CSY Community).

I was thrilled to discover that they worked wonders for my body.  I no longer needed to plead with my husband or dole out cash for a deep tissue massage.  I learned to use the tune up balls to manipulate, deeply knead, massage and unwind those tight and unyielding knots myself.  They passed the home test and I was excited to bring them to the studio. 

After taking some training on the specifics of the yoga tune up balls, we starting offering the classes at Creating Space Yoga Studio.

The Deep Release Therapy Ball class is one hour long.  We usually spend a few moments at the beginning of class to settle into the space giving ourselves time to transition slowly away from our days, reconnect with our body and our breath and just allow ourselves to feel what is present in the body.

We use the four different sized balls during the class that mimic different strokes of a massage therapist to target specific areas in the body.  Generally we will start at the top of the spine or the base of the skull and slowly work our way down through the body.  Targeting the gristle in shoulder girdle and the tight muscles along the sides of the spine.  

The hips, glutes and leg tissue are other favourite place to explore.  A good roll out of the feet is aways a treat!

We love the tune up balls because they are pliable, have a wonderful grip and we can pick the size of ball appropriate for specific areas in the body.  Most of all, these are massage tools that anyone can use…at the studio during classes or even alone in a home practice.

Although the class is guided by a teacher, it is self-exploratory hour for each student.  Some students will want to linger on certain areas, while others are ready to move on.  At times the balls and positions on the body can bring up intense sensations.  We always suggest that you work within your window of tolerance.  We don’t want to bring up “nerve” sensations, nor do we want to exert any kind of force or pressure on injured areas.  Each student is encouraged to move with sensitivity as they explore they own soft tissue and how to use this self massaging tool.   

In the past I have used all of the self massage tools out there.  The tennis balls, lacrosse balls, foam rollers etc.  These Yoga Tune Up balls are by far the most manageable and effective way to to unwind your fascial webbing on your own that I have found.  I love them!

Join us for a Deep Release Therapy Ball class and explore how you can add this new way of self care into your practice!

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