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When Yoga Studios Open Up – What Can We Expect?

When we closed in March, I had no idea that we would still not be open this summer!  For months, we have been anticipating the re-opening of businesses across Canada.   I think it is safe to say, most of us are relieved to see the slow opening across Ontario (especially of hair salons) but, we have yet to hear any news of the re-opening of yoga studios and gyms.  

Lately, I have been immersed in many groups online of fellow yoga studio owners and yoga teachers across the world.  It has been interesting to see how and if these yoga studios will re-open in time to save their “bricks and mortar” studio.  (Thankfully, technology has allowed many studios and teachers to bring their classes online as a “cushion” while we all wait to see what happens next for our yoga studios). 

It is safe to say, when we open our doors, things will look and function differently.  We don't know just yet how we will move forward with our operations at Creating Space Yoga Studio, but this is a general idea of what we can all maybe expect judging from other opening studios in North America.  

  • smaller class sizes to maintain physical distancing
  • personal student mats only (no studio mats will be loaned out)
  • prop free classes or bring your own personal props
  • the teacher will stay at the front of the class and will not move around the studio space
  • no teacher assists
  • the possibility of wearing masks during the practice (or at least upon entry and exit)
  • staggered entry with a line up outside the exterior door
  • staggered exit out of the yoga studio
  • cleaning/disinfecting between classes
  • online or interact payments only
  • mandatory pre-registration / no drop-in students 
  • combination of online and in-person classes depending on class size requirements
  • possibly private classes will be available

The COVID pandemic has always been and will continue to be, a fluid experience as we move towards a new normal.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how you would like to see the studio open up eventually; we would be pleased to hear your thoughts.

Stay well.

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