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You Know You Are A Yoga Geek When…


  • You have footprints on your wall
  • You always have a yoga mat in the car
  • You own a neti pot or know what one is
  • You dream of yoga poses
  • Your yoga mat has a permanent place on the floor of your home
  • You know the names Iyengar, Krishnamurti, Vanda Scaravelli, Pattabhi Jois and others
  • You spend as much time in your bare feet in the winter as you do in the summer
  • You own a belt that is not for pants
  • You wonder if you will ever reach "enlightenment"
  • You are aware of your breath
  • You have a book shelf dedicated to only yoga books
  • You know the Sanskrit names for poses and you use them
  • When facing a dilemma, you ask yourself, "what would a yogi do?"
  • You take pictures of your children and animals doing yoga poses
  • When purchasing undergarments, comfort in yoga poses comes to mind
  • You are compelled to do a headstand at any given time
  • You have read the complete or sections of the Bhagavad Gita
  • You have a favorite Yoga Sutra
  • You are considering a yoga retreat for your next "getaway"
  • You understand that there is never a "final pose"
  • You practice at home as well as in class
  • You realize that your yoga extends beyond your mat
  • You don't feel the need to wear the trendy yoga outfits
  • You practice with acceptance and compassion towards yourself and others
  • You know how to place your yoga mat down quietly
  • You feel a joy and a gratitude towards your practice


(By the way, geeks are the new "cool")


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