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You Start Where You Are…

The summer flew by.

The speed at which it moved makes me think that I didn't find the time I needed this summer to be still, to reflect, and to pause. Although busy, it was filled with good times, socializing with good friends, playing with my kids, a long road trip and time spent at the ocean. It was good, but it flew by.

So now we approach this new season, the new yoga session and always, happily a new beginning.

This season started out for me with the hunt for the perfect pencil cases, the new shoes, and the lunch boxes. Although I chuckled at this years back to school commercials (did you see the one with that Christmas song..."it's the most wonderful time of the year..."?), I wanted my summer to continue for a bit longer. I wasn't ready for the September routines. We had to get the family (dog included) back into the fall nighttime routines and morning routines. It is not an easy overnight switch to takes time and planning. Did I mention that the summer flew by?

Well, as I sit, I can happily say that we made it through the first week. The kids teachers all turned out to be "nice". My son is now at the top of the school food chain and my daughter is in the middle (no longer part of the little kids section of the school). I just finished teaching my first week of yoga classes and have come away feeling grateful for our amazing students (we really do have lovely people practicing at the studio). My dog is not so happy at the extra hours spent alone in the house, but she will adjust and she loves when the kids walk in the door at the end of the school day. Everything is the same but also so very different.

That is the beauty of life and also the beauty of my yoga practice. Although I feel that I didn't have enough "down" time or time to reflect and work more intimately with my yoga I know that my practice is willing to start where I am right now. In Pantajali's yoga sutras; the first sutra 1.1 states that when we decide to start/continue/begin again with our yoga practice, the yoga will meet us wherever we are regardless of our age, ability or circumstances in our lives. The yoga is there waiting.

So, although I never left my yoga over the summer; I am now willing and able to go deeper. My body has changed, my mind has changed and I am starting again. My yoga will meet me where I am.

The summer flew by but my yoga waited for me and happily it is willing to pick up and receive my deeper dedication once again.

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